Teacher Training

Meridian Centre for Excellence

“Excellence in Entirety”, “Soar! High and Serve” towards enlightened humane society lives in peace, prosperity and Harmony that attains eternal bliss in thought, word and action nobilities.

Meridian Centre for Excellence is a unique institution for teacher training and development. We believe in supporting, developing and enhancing teaching and learning practices, to make a difference to institutions looking for continuous growth by providing solutions for achieving their objectives through value addition.

We are committed to enhance the overall growth potential of teachers and students alike.

For bringing in this change we need to empower our learners and educators to deal with the students of 21st century.

“Meridian Centre for Excellence” is a globally competent-with futuristic outlook centre for excellence. It is a New Generation Group which believes in a holistic approach to Education and understands the changing needs of the society. To cater to the need of the hour Meridian has launched a new wing of Research & development and consultancy services.

  • Teacher Education
  • Pre-service
  • In-house training
  • Seminars
  • Whole school Academic Audit
  • Accreditation and recognition from National & International Boards
  • School governance
  • Curriculum partnership

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