SEN/CWSN- Inclusive School

At our school, we are committed to providing inclusive education to all students, regardless of their unique learning needs. To this end, we have dedicated a Special Educator and Counselor who work together to streamline the learning process for each child at a customized pace. This approach minimizes learning difficulties and instills confidence in our students. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow in an effective learning atmosphere, which is why we have taken special care to ensure that our resources and classrooms are accessible and inclusive. We have even set up a resource room where children with special needs can work with the Special Educator to lay the foundations for lifelong learning.


Unity in Motion: Embracing Inclusive Sports for All

In the realm of sportsmanship, our schools noble endeavour thrives, as we merge the talents and aspirations of normal and specially abled children, creating an empowering environment where inclusivity reigns and barriers crumble. Sports competitions between our students and the differently abled ones from the Unified Sports Council threw open a
new world of acceptance, resilience, and unity, showcasing the transformative power of teamwork, understanding, and shared triumphs, As we uphold the spirit of inclusivity in sports, our schools ongoing efforts become a symphony of strength, where normal and Children With Special Needs children harmonize, inspiring us all with their unwavering determination, unwritten stories of courage, and the bonds formed on the field of play.

Mrs Amutha