School Social Responsibility

At our school, we strongly believe that service is divine, and our Social Service Club ‘Kartavyam’ is a testament to this belief. The club emphasizes the importance of social service and strives to develop an empathetic attitude towards the less privileged while acknowledging the value of service. Through various activities such as visits to orphanages and old age homes, donation drives, and the ‘each one teach one’ initiative, student members of the club engage in philanthropic activities that help them become more compassionate and socially responsible individuals. We are proud to undertake such activities at regular intervals under the aegis of ‘Kartavyam,’ and we believe that this approach will help us create a better and more empathetic world. Join us in our commitment to social service and making a positive impact in our communities.



Flood Relief Programme

During the difficult periods of natural disasters such as the floods in Kurnool, Kanchipuram, and Kerala, Meridianites worked tirelessly, pooling all available resources and distributing survival kits to assist those in need.



Visit to Orphanages

In our social fabric, there are some disadvantaged children who lack love and affection. The students and staff of Meridian recognises that these children yearn to experience happiness and organizes regular visits to orphanages. Under this program, an annual visit is made to orphanages such as “Helping Hands Humanities” to entertain, engage, and educate these children. To bring pleasure and happiness to these children, various activities such as playing musical instruments, organizing games, quiz shows, and dance shows are planned.


Helping Hands
Meridian School Kukatpally took up the noble initiative of providing primary needs to segments of such people who were yearning to ask for a helping hand but unwilling to reveal their unspoken struggles, grappling to reach out for help during the worst crisis the Globe had ever faced ‘COVID-19. We tied up various NGO’s to offer the much required supplies like food and clothing to such people offering the material and emotional strength they were looking for.


Visit to old age homes

Similar to underprivileged children, the elderly are frequently neglected in modern societies. As a result, there are organisations that work to care for elderly individuals who require compassion and affection in their later years. Meridian initiates fund-raising efforts and contributes to organisations such as “Little Sisters of the Poor.” In addition to the financial assistance, students advance by creating greeting cards, presenting them with flowers, and entertaining them through song and dance.

A fist full of Rice

“Serving humanity is serving God,”

Hunger is the greatest nemesis of all life. Particularly in an organised society, the occurrence of hunger is abhorrent. Keeping this in mind, Meridian undertakes initiatives to help reduce malnutrition and starvation among the disadvantaged. Under this initiative, the complete school collected and donated grains for distribution by Ramakrishna Math. This instills a sense of responsibility in our students, who take advantage of every opportunity to contribute to society.

Community Engagement: Street Store

The school community came together to organize a unique sale event called “The Street Store” to show appreciation and support for our dedicated support staff members.

“The Street Store” was set up in the school premises, transforming an area into a bustling marketplace. Students donated items such as clothing, accessories, household goods, and books were meticulously displayed, creating a vibrant shopping experience for both the support staff and the school community. The objective of the event was to provide an opportunity for the school community to come together and support a worthy cause and offer affordable and quality items to the support staff.

 Students ensured that a wide variety of goods were available for the support staff to choose from. Volunteers dedicated their time and effort to organize the donated items, creating an inviting and visually appealing display. The support staff were given dedicated time slots to browse through the items, ensuring they had ample time and space to select their desired items. The school community was also invited to shop alongside them, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.