Program Collaborations

Global Collaboration: Having an interconnectedness with the world, is essential for the student’s perspective to be broadened. Expanding knowledge, perceptions, and skills by engaging in collaborative projects with students from different countries helps in embracing diversity and creating a positive change. Meridian School Kukatpally has always encouraged the students to transcend the boundaries and explore the world in its entirety. The School is proud to declare that it has won the British Council’s International School Award three times over apart from collaborations with Kenya, Singapore, Nigeria etc. Students also participated in a global debate on ‘Rising levels of Sea would affect the Weather Cycle’ conducted by British Council. 

These collaborations help in unlocking boundless opportunities to share experiences, learn innovative ways of thinking and create a healthy global network.
Our collaboration with JCI proved to be highly fruitful. The organization demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a genuine commitment to inclusivity as we sought their support to provide scribes for candidates with certain disabilities. We were impressed by their ability to identify suitable scribes who supported the enhancement of the performance of candidates with special needs.
We hope to continue this support to create a sense of camaraderie between the supportive and the challenged