Our Under -18 World Event

B Sree Manya of Grade 8 was nominated as Under 18 MLA from our school representing the Green Party. It was an event where hundreds of students from across Hyderabad were invited to choose the Chief Minister and the cabinet.

Few interesting facts:

👉The CM is the voice of over 150,000 Under-18s in Hyderabad.

👉An all-girls cabinet will be leading the way for everyone in the Under-18 world.

👉In the coming two years, they will be drafting and passing bills, and these initiatives are actionable!

The event was held at DPS, Nacharam and was attended by students of Grade 6 to 9 from our school.

Our Under-18 voters were rockstars – responsible, bribery-proof, and nailed it by voting for the party with the right intentions and plans. Now, it’s our turn to step up, be responsible citizens, and hit the polls!