“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”
– Albert Einstein

It is indeed the philosophy and practice of faculty at Meridian school to make learning a joyful and fulfilling journey.
We have an intresting spectrum of teachers – young and energetic, extremely creative pre – primary and primary teams to very knowledgeable, experienced, professional middle and senior school teams.
Each teacher not only has subject expertise but is well equipped for developing multiple aspects in a student’s personality.
Our teachers create such a learning environment for the students where self learning and discovery is propagated.
All round development of students – intellectual, emotional and social is what every teacher at Meridian strives for.
Also, value based teaching is a very important aspect of learning at Meridian.
Keeping in line with our motto of ‘connecting the mind with the heart’, we work towards giving the society future citizens who will be role models in their behaviour.
Teachers at Meridian school are constant learners as well. By means of courses, certifications and multiple training programs they regularly upgrade and update their skills.
We believe in nothing but the best for our students.

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