Our curriculum emphasizes on developing concepts to efficiently deliver the subject and strive for a balanced development of a child with four key elements named knowledge and creativity, life skills and attitudes.

Pre-primary and Primary School

Being IB PYP candidacy school, we have developed our curriculum collaboratively, mindful of the requirements of the children in this community, the National Curriculum Framework of India and the IB PYP Curriculum Model. It is centred on six transdisciplinary themes. The “Programme of Inquiry” is the overall curriculum plan from Pre-K to Grade 5.


Secondary School

Tremendous efforts are made to augment the quality of education and ensure that learning gaps are identified and addressed. This approach has found us a place in the Top 10 CBSE Schools of Hyderabad.

Right blend of academic and co-curricular program to develop child’s interests, hobbies and personality is achieved by:

  • Concept clarity through experiential learning.
  • Prepare students for life – Physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally balanced.
  • Child centric environment for superior understanding.
  • Life Skills program to enhance various soft skills.

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