Beyond Academics

At Meridian School, we prioritize holistic student development through diverse opportunities. Our sports facilities and specialist coaching promote a healthy lifestyle, leading to State and National team achievements. Our Student Leadership and Community Outreach programs foster self-confidence and empathy for positive community impact. As a top CBSE school, we offer platforms like the International School Award, Model United Nations, and School Enterprise Challenge, where our students have earned global recognition. We believe in nurturing each student’s unique potential and guiding them towards extraordinary achievements.





Discovery and exploration are key aspects of student life at Meridian School. We organize exciting excursions and expeditions to provide fun-filled learning experiences. Through intercity travels, cultural exchanges, and virtual collaborations, we broaden students’ perspectives and prepare them for a globalized world. Our clubs actively engage students in various activities, enhancing their skills and enriching their experiences.

At Meridian School, we believe in providing a comprehensive educational journey that goes beyond the ordinary, encouraging students to discover their passions and make a positive impact on the world around them.

  • Clubs:
  • The Literary Club (Rendezvous)
  • The Social Responsibilities Club (Kartavyam)
  • The Health club (Fit Smart.)
  • The Environment club (Sundara Vasundhara)
  • Yuwa Club