Awards & Accolades

School Awards

Teachers Awards

Students Awards

  • Brain Feed School Excellence Award for the top 500 schools in India
  • Brain Feed School Excellence Award for top 100 Preschools in India

  • K 12 Summit award 2022 for Excellence in Co curricular Activities and Digital education

  • Ms. Aakrusha Bellaney- ( Principal)AKS Global Education Award to
    Ms. Aakrusha Bellaney- ( Principal)CSAW 2022 Award for Global CS Ambassador in
    Leadership Excellence in promoting Computer Science Education
  • Ms.Ramya Sriram: Super Teacher Award for outstanding mentorship
    Ms.Ramya Sriram: CSAW Global Computer Science Ambassador in Progressive computer
    science curriculum implementation
  • Ms.Tejaswini.V- CSAW Global Computer Science ambassador in effective use of

Youth Ideathon- Shortlisted in top 100 schools nationwide for idea pitching


AWSMUN 2022 :

  • Vinayak  Jolly of 10th bagged the Best Delegate award.
  • Bhuvan of 10th bagged the high commendation award.
  • Lalith, won a best delegate award and an outstanding delegate award, making him one of top 3 delegates from 153 participants.

At MERBMUN 2022 :

  • Bhuvan and Lalith of 10th were honoured with special mentions.

At SOMUN 2022 :

  • Lalith -Best Delegate award
  • Vinayak and Pushyami won honourable mentions

Bhagwad Gita Chanting

  • Goutham Kandula won the 1st Prize in the Bhagavad Gita Shloka Chanting.