Music Day

Putting on headphones, playing a lively tune, and strolling down the street as if in a movie is a delightful experience that many people secretly indulge in. Music has a remarkable ability to uplift our spirits, even on days when getting out of bed seems challenging.

Why not have a dedicated day to celebrate the wonders of music? World Music Day deserves to be recognized and celebrated worldwide, as it brings people together through the power of melodies and rhythms.

At Meridian School Kukatpally, we wholeheartedly embrace opportunities to celebrate such significant occasions. Our students, ranging from Pre-Primary to grade 10, joyously participated in the festivities of World Music Day under the guidance of our talented music teachers, Mr. Jeevan and Mr. Pranay.

The school was filled with enchanting melodies, creating a delightful atmosphere for both students and teachers alike. It was an immensely enjoyable experience, with sweet tunes resonating throughout the premises, spreading joy and harmony.

Music holds a special place in our hearts, and we believe in nurturing the musical talents and appreciation of our students. Celebrating World Music Day allows us to cherish and recognize the universal language of music, which has the power to connect people and touch their souls.